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Web Designers And Development Agency In Nairobi

In today’s competitive world, it is nearly impossible to have a successful business without having an online profile specifically a company website. The internet has made it so easy to acquire information with mobile phones making it possible to find anything right at the palm of our hands.

More and more businesses are looking for expert web designers and web developers to design and create their websites to suit their needs and best portray to their clients their work.

Benefits of a good website

It is not enough to just have a website, because people will judge your company from the first few seconds of viewing your website and they will decide in those few second whether your site is worth a glance or do they need to move on.

This means you will either gain new customers/ clients or you will lose based solely on the look and design of your website. Here are some advantages of having a good website design;

Brand identity; a professionally designed website will create a brand name for you company that is consistent through all your advertising mediums, from you logo to your business cards, and all your online profiles like social media.

More visitors; having something that keeps people on your site is what you want. This leads to more and more people knowing about your company and what you do which is what you want at the end of the day.

Effective communication; the text and graphics of a well-designed website are well arranged to effectively communicate who you are as a business and what you have to offer. It is essential towards capturing your audience’s attention and ensuring they are leaving with the right information about you.

Saves you money in the long run; good website designs are costly, however cheap web designs are costly as well because with time you begin to realize that a good website design is essential towards your business growth thus leading you to pay for the good web designer that you initially did not want.

Better search engine visibility; a professional web designer will help in ensuring your website can easily be traced in the internet and this leads to bigger rankings thus more visibility which leads to more people who are potential clients viewing your site.


Represents your company performance; a company website represents a company’s professionalism and what work they do. A good website will sell your company by making people see your professionalism and they will therefore trust your performance.

Interaction with clients; company websites are a marketing strategy, having an interactive websites means it is easy to navigate and find what one if looking for and there is room for feedback from your viewers. This helps clients feel important and enables the company to better understand their market.

Opportunity to outrank your competitors; you may be having a strong competitor in the market, but having a good website design may be just what your company needs to make a mark in the market as a worthy competitor.

A good advertising strategy; a good website creates an opportunity for businesses to advertise themselves to their market on different level through multiple pages.

Difference between web design and development

Too many people the words web design and development sound like one and the same thing, however they could not be more different in their job descriptions and their task.

When we talk about web design, we are looking at the look and feel of a website; it is basically what people see on the screen. It houses many different skills and disciplines that go into the maintenance and the production of a website.

It includes several different elements which include; search engine optimization, user experience design and the interface. In other words it includes the webpage layout, graphic design and content production.

Web development on the hand focuses on the foundation of the website as a whole. It involves the development of a website for it to properly work for the internet or intranet. It refers to the creation, building and the maintenance of a website and it include several aspects including programming,publishing and database management.

Design and development agencies

These are companies who specialize in web design and development. They usually have several web designers and web developers on board working on several projects at a time.

Work is usually divided among the designers and developers according to their expertise and different components of the design process are divided among them to achieve the highest quality of work.

Several of these companies begin with a few designers and developers coming together to collaborate and work together, with time the company tends to grow and become large firms with several designers and developers on board, working on larger projects.

Most web design and development companies tend to be costly however the value of the out output is always appreciated by those who invest on a good website design.  They help you through every process of the design process which usually involves; planning, design and development.

You may feel capable of designing your own site, it as simple as downloading a software and using your web hosting company’s built in website making software and in just a few minutes, at no cost at all, you have your website up and running.

However as we have discussed the benefits of having a good website design has to your business, here are some reasons why you should considered hiring a professional web design and development company;

Positive first impression; the first impressions someone has about your sight are solely based on how your website looks. Whether or not your produce the highest quality products and services, how your website looks will either capture your audience and make them want to see more, or lose their interest entirely.

A professional web design company understands this completely and their expertise will ensure that your audience will not only be attracted to your site, but that they will come back again and again.

Compatibility with the latest technology; you may have not thought of this but a website is not automatically compatible with different technology standards for mobile websites. This is why you need a web developer to design it such that your site can be viewed on different platforms easily.

You maintain your brand identity; good web design firms work towards protecting and enhancing your brand identity in the market. Your brand identity emanates from your logo design, your printed business cards and every other medium that links back to your company. Having a good website.

You communicate effectively to your clients; good web design firms are aware of the impact that good communication has to your business growth. Since you cannot be there to explain to your audience what your trying to say, they do that for you using text and graphics that effectively tell your audience who you are, what you do and what benefit you bring to your clients.

Give you a strong internet ranking; a well-designed websites are easy to find and this is achieved by contracting a professional web designer and developer to eliminate any loop holes in your site that may lead to poor ranking.

They understand how to reach your target clients; because good web design firms are in business and they have the experience and expertise of having worked on several sites, they understand how to best capture the attention of you target market.

Reliability; a good website is designed to eliminate or reduces chances of error occurring in your website. When you build a site on your own, there are high chances of errors occurring which lead you to contracting a web design company to fix the error for you.

Instead of incurring these costs over and over again, contracting the web design company to build your website is the sure way of ensuring your website is fully functional without having to incur extra costs in the future

Web designing in Kenya

Web design may seem like a small industry to many; however the industry has grown over the years into a booming and thriving industry with more and more web design firms coming up.

More and more businesses realize the need for a good website design and they understand the need to contract a professional web design company that has experienced designers to build their company website.

This is mainly due the increase in online marketing as it enables businesses to market themselves to more than just their local market.

Web designers are usually artists, they understand the use of graphics and text to not only attract viewer, but to also communicate effectively what you want you viewers to know.

A good web designer understands how your website design will affect the reaction of your viewers thus using that knowledge to achieve your intended desire, whether it is feedback, getting customers to purchase your product or to simply have them come back.

Web developers in Kenya

Web developer’s job is to code and create web pages; they use technical and non-technical skills to do this ensuring that the website will suit their client’s needs. Web developers determine how well a website will work as much as they are involved in the look and feel of the site. Web development focuses on the back-end development of a website.

This is the side of a site that viewers do not see, and it is the foundational block of what makes a website work and operate as it does when a viewer clicks on the website. Web developers ensure that your website is compatible with as many search engines as possible to ensure that your viewers can easily navigate your site no matter what search engine they are using.

Web developers are also the people who ensure your website can be viewed easily on any device be it a laptop, a tablet or a mobile phone. This is crucial because it ensures that your viewers can view your site at their own comfort which is very essential to the usability of your site.

Web developers in Kenya have increased in recent years mainly due to the increase in dependence of the internet to get information and the increase of online marketing as an important marketing strategy for businesses.

Granted there are more web designers than they are more web developers, however the industry is on the rise as much as web designing is. To become a web developer or call yourself a web developer, one needs to have skills in coding and usually one needs to go to school to be taught how to do this.

Web developers are also better paid than web designers, mainly because web developers are the backbone of every website design. Web designers may create the look and feel of a website, however the web developer is the one who ensure they website works efficiently in the internet. They ensure that the website has few errors which are detrimental to a company and they ensure that what the web designer has planned can effectively work.

Over the years there has been growth of understanding of the internet and how it works, with businesses having company websites and individuals having blogs, more people are beginning to appreciate the role that web designers and web developers have to play.

This is even seen with more and more students enrolling for IT courses, web development being one of the growing sectors in IT. The growth of the industry may be influenced by international markets more than local markets, but the fact that you can outsource for web designers and web developers from any country without having to physically meet them, makes the industry lucrative especially for freelance web designers and web developers.

Nairobi being the heart of Kenya, the business district of the country, it has the largest number of web designer and web developers in the country. Some clients even contract web designers and web developers from Nairobi to build their sites.

To mention just a few of the web design and development companies found in Nairobi, some of the big ones include; Tropical Brands, Peak and Dale Solutions Ltd, Nairobi Web Designers, Ace Solutions Africa, Smart Web Kenya and Afriweb.

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