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Company Offering Cheap Printing Services In Nairobi Kenya

Printing is a process that involves the reproduction of text and images using a template of a master form. Typically it involves the use of ink on paper using a printing press; however it can also be done on composite materials, metals, plastics or even cloth.

Printing on paper is a vital part of publishing, transaction printing and large-scale industrial processes. Whether for large-scale product, or individual use, printing has become a vital aspect of our daily lives.

It serves as a primary source of communication, from newspapers and books, flyers, posters, brochures, signs, ID’s, 3D business cards etc., printing is a primary aspect of giving out information to others.


Technology has made printing simple and accessible to nearly everyone making it as simple as being able to print from a smartphone in the comfort of your home. This is okay if you’re doing simple printing of personal documents however when it comes to running a business, printing becomes an entirely different ball.

For businesses, printing goes into a company’s marketing and image of the business to their clients. Businesses need quality printing services of their products coupled with advice and expertise that comes only when dealing with professional printing companies.

Companies offering printing services in Kenya offer a vital role for businesses as they are at the for front of creating a good branding image for a company. Something as simple as a ticket or an invitation plays a huge role in the reception of a company to its clients and whether or not a client will buy them. 

Good quality, well designed and creative invitations will capture the attention of the one’s receiving them and make the company look like they know what they are doing and that they are serious about their output.

Quality printed poster will not only capture the attention of passersby, but it will also deliver the message adequately and warrant the expected response from the viewers.

This kind of outcome can only be achieved when a business contracts a professional printing service company that has not only the experience and expertise but also the equipment and manpower to carefully and correctly meet their printing needs.


Every business requires a reliable printing service provider who can meet deadlines, understand your needs as the client and deliver quality work. In Kenya, the printing service is a booming industry with several businesses coming up to curb the increasing need for good printing services required by clients.

Another aspect that companies need to focus on that goes hand in hand with printing of their products is graphic design. Graphic design can either build or break a company, help it grow or hamper its growth. Here are some reasons why graphic design is so important to a company;

Branding; a good brand begins from the simplest identification which is the company logo. A company logo needs to identify with your clients and such that it is memorable and easy to identify anywhere they see it.

It needs to be functional, attractive and professional to give you a stand in your niche and against your competition as clients will identify your logo with your company’s capabilities.

Company unity; a good graphic design makes employees within a company want to be identified with it which is crucial towards company loyalty. This is because the graphics will be translated to all aspects of a company from the stationery to uniforms, publications and so much more.

Professionalism; they say first impressions are everything and this is true for your company logo as well. A cheap design will put off clients and vendors as you company logo has only a fraction of a second to either attract their attention or repel them.

Once that first impression is made, it is very difficult to change it and when it comes to business one cannot take any chances with this. Choosing a good design is crucial towards ensuring you capture your market and maintain a good image.

Communication; Good designs effectively communicate what you want the public to know about your company using simple, concise and straight to the point language and graphics.

Graphic design goes beyond your logo by producing visual aid that help to better communicate your ideas. A good design captures the attention of the viewer and avoids any mis-communication or misunderstandings that may arise in the case of a poor design.

Unwarranted expenses; badly designed graphics become very expensive to a company. One way it does this is that badly designed graphics will need to be re-done which costs money to your company.

Branding companies in Kenya

Graphic design plays a major role in the branding of your company as it is the first thing that people will see that relate to your product or service. Logo design is usually considered the main branding element for any company however in this aspect; it goes beyond the company logo design to all the publications and graphics that will be associated with the company.

These may include signs, advertisements, posters, catalogs, brochures and the like. The role that graphics and print play in branding your company can be summarized into the following;

Company recognition; good branding is consistent and easy to recognize which makes clients feel more at easy to do business with your company or purchase your product.

Uniqueness; your brand sets you apart from your competitors, through the use of graphics and word choices, you can clearly and effectively communicate what your business is all about to your customers and potential clients from the minute they walk into your business.

Target audience; when done correctly, your brand will effectively communicate and resonate with your target market. Through the use of graphics and text, you can effectively reach your specific target market. This requires a careful analysis into who your target market wants and getting a good graphic designer who can effectively bring this out on print.

Emotional connections; good branding creates company loyalty where clients and customers would like to be identified with your brand wherever they go, and they remain loyal to the use of your products and services. This requires both creativity and effective graphic design and 3D print that your clients are proud to own.

Message delivery; much like in graphic design, branding is all about communicating the right message to the right people. Strong branding builds trust from you niche market, and this is mainly achieved through print media as it remains one of the fastest ways to reach the public.

Motivation and direction for staff; good and professional branding create the way forward for your staff to know the direction the company is taking and helps them to understand how to act in order for them to meet the company’s goals.

Gives customers a view of what to expect; good branding includes good graphics which helps to give customers an expectation of what the product or service will be, this will make customers anticipate the products performance and lead them to purchase it.

Consistency; good branding leads to consistency which leads to the build of trust in your clients and their ease in working with you for a long period of time.

Business value; a strong brand helps build the business’ value, brands such as Coca-Cola or Apple have remained strong through their effective branding as much as the quality of their product.

There are several branding companies in Kenya which are involved in helping other companies to brand themselves effectively and to find their corporate identity. Some of these companies include; Creative Y&R, ARK Africa, Absolute Corporate Solutions, Blue Eyes Africa Limited and Universal Signs to mention just a few.

Top printing companies in Kenya

With the growing economy and the increase in entrepreneurs, there has been an increase in printing companies both big and small. Some printing companies begin by working primarily on printing having all the printing equipment to suite as many clients as they can.

Some of these companies have been in business for years, having served their clients well and gained customer loyalty to their services. Most of the old printing companies deal in old school and traditional printing such as offset printing which are usually large printers which very few companies own mainly because of how expensive they are. They are best for printing in bulk and are usually cost effective.

Aside from the typical printing companies, some start off as graphic design companies offering more than just the usual printing services. Being that they have graphic designers on board means that they can offer a wider range of services to clients the main ones being Company Logo and Branding. 

Designs, Posters design, Wedding Cards design,  Advertisements, Pull Up and Roll Up, Signs, Banner design, Brochure design, Flier design, Letterhead designs, Staff ID’s, Billboard design , Indoor and Outdoor printing, Vehicle branding, Staff ID’s, Student ID’s etc

Printed products

With the provisions made possible through technology, printing can be done on a variety of items and for a variety of uses. Whether you are a soft drink company, a restaurant, a law firm, a delivery service company or even a telecommunications company, printing on different items relevant to your trade is possible.

Printing can be done on a paper to produce; business cards, Staff ID’s, brochures, posters, flyers, weeding cards, Pull-Ups and Roll Up’s,

Since printing can be done on metal, cloth, or plastics, it can be done on bottles, plastic wrapping, t-shirts, hats, pens, cups, plates, tags for clothing, cars, meta cans etc. this gives companies room to brand themselves on a myriad of platforms.

Printing prices in Kenya

Printing prices in Kenya will depend greatly on the company, the number of pieces you are printing, the product being printed and the type of printing you want. Simple items such as business cards would range from Ksh. 10/= per piece for 100 pieces to Ksh. 18/= per piece for the same number if they are laminated.

The number of pieces you are purchasing also determines the cost of printing, basically the larger the number the cheaper the printing cost i.e;


Normal Business Cards cut to round edges, Printed on Ivory Board, Art board Matt/Gloss 300gsm

Pieces Single Sided Double Sided
Minimum 50pcs 6/= 8/=
100pcs – 200pcs 5/= 7/=
250pcs – 500pcs 5/= 6/=
550pcs and above 4/= 6/=


Laminated business cards (UV, Gloss, Matt) Round Corners


Single Sided Double Sided
Minimum 50pcs 10/= 15/=
100pcs – 200pcs 9/= 12/=
450pcs – 500pcs 7/= 10/=
500pcs and above 6/= 9/=


Packaging materials in Kenya

There are a vast number of options to choose from when you’re looking at packaging materials in Kenya;


Khaki brown/White

Topical Brands has started a manufacturing line for eco friendly khaki bags and other packaging solutions. We wish to manufacture our gift bags using only natural and eco friendly kraft paper.

Cartons & Gift boxes

Carton is strong, light and air-tight material used mainly for basic food stuff such as milk and juice. It is ideal for transporting storage. Though it is good for packaging, the fact that it is made up of layers of plastic and paper aluminum; it is a difficult material to recycle.


It is easy to recycle and reuse and comes in the form of corrugated cardboard, boxes, and sheets. Used mainly for transporting of products as it provides adequate and safe storage.


The glass is ideal for packaging of foods especially liquids; it is strong and very easy to recycle. It is, however, difficult for transportation storage due to its weight and shape and also because it is usually fragile.

All these packaging materials can be printed on which goes a long way in branding of a company, labeling of products and adding additional information for consumers.

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